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Our training experiences focus on proactive approaches to learning with experienced Agile specialists with both industry and classroom experience. Our trainers merge theoretical knowledge with on-the-job expertise gain over the years in organizations of various sizes.  

Pete Lauren Consulting in collaboration with our partners has delivered quality training and workshops to learners in several countries of the world including India, Australia, Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Portugal, Malaysia and so on. Our heart is in what we offer to our customers. We facilitate training delivery via channels such as virtual, face-to-face, flexible, and on-site – with ongoing support and assistance. Our consultants offer our customers hands-on experience in both the private and public sectors. Our trainers and facilitators are professionals who have been accredited to deliver the courses.

Training options

We offer all styles of delivery options to meet your situation

Virtual Training

Live training or coaching using a virtual environment. For over a decade, we have been delivering services remotely using virtual technologies for live engagement. We utilize leading video platforms as well as virtual collaboration canvases.

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Corporate Training

Live training, coaching, or professional services in-person at a professional venue or on-site at your organization. .

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On-Site Exclusive Training

Learn Agile, Lean, or Disciplined Agile at your own pace and schedule. We offer self-driven on-demand training courses delivered in an engaging format. On-demand can also be combined with the right-sized amount of virtual – live instruction.

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