Pete Omotosho

Pete Omotosho is an experienced Agile Coach, Trainer, and Consultant who understands the complex challenges facing contemporary organisations. He works with enterprises to co-create change and brings the best of Agile and Lean methods to clients. Pete has over 20 years of proven professional experience in Energy, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Financial Services, Education, Government, Consulting, and Not-For-Profit sectors. Pete is passionate about mentoring, coaching, and working with new and existing agile teams, growing teams to maturity, and liaising with non-agile domains within enterprises in order to embrace agile processes.

Pete Omotosho is a customer-focused Agile coach, Trainer and Facilitator with strong passion for competence development with over 20 years of total experience in different sectors. Pete is an expert facilitator, Coach, Mentor and Trainer with expertise in designing programs, content development and facilitating competence development workshops. Pete is passionate about developing core competencies of learners in Business Case Writing, Scrum & Agile frameworks and waterfall project methodology. He has successfully implemented projects in various organizations and in different continents of the world, with successful end-to-end training development, training and assessment, quality governance, policy advise, organisational improvement and competence evaluation.

Pete is the founder of Pete Lauren Consulting, an organisation sold out to solving business problems and imparting knowledge, enabling customers to thrive through innovative advisory solutions. Pete is passionate about developing the agile practice in Africa and he is actively working towards achieving this goal. Pete is a vibrant member of the Agile community both in Australia and Africa as a whole.