Business case writng

AUD$ 2.00 (incl. taxes)



It is increasingly important for individuals, small businesses, and big organizations to write and present compelling business cases for that opportunity, investment, contract, etc. It is a competitive advantage to improve your capability for writing a business case that makes the case for you.


Writing a compelling business case is more than having a good idea or being a good writer. A good business case stands out from the crowd, and this requires specific skills. This training focuses on both the business and customer requirements to create compelling business cases.

Your business case should be:

  • Compelling
  • Believable
  • Provide clear value proposition
  • Appeal to your audience
  • Trigger the required action

Our qualified trainers in Pete Lauren Consulting brings many years of experience, knowledge and lessons learned to offer this value-adding and practical training on business case writing.


Key topics to be covered during training include the following:

  • Why business cases? The big picture
  • Ideas for writing a good business case
  • Elements of compelling business case
  • Pitfalls to avoid in writing a business case
  • Five step process for writing a good business case
  • Good writing skills and tips for business case
  • Case studies – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Writing a business case – practical session
  • Bringing it all together and follow-up information
  • Quality time will be given to exercises, case studies and actual writing of business cases.

There will also be dedicated time for one-on-one support during the training especially with a diverse class. Everyone must obtain value for money!


Individuals– looking to upskill their business case writing capability

Business case writers– experienced or beginners – looking to improve their skills

Business owners / executives (irrespective of the size)–to help sharpen their decision-making

Project team (project managers, project engineers, administrators, controls) – for proper alignment

PMO team– for better program / portfolio management and benefits realization

Contractors– to help them win more work and projects

Operations team– better understanding of business drivers / align with projects & business teams

Government departments – business case is always a key basis for decision-making and funding


Completion of this training session will also set you on the track to internationally recognized certification in business analysis (PMI-PBA and IIBA).