Sequel to receiving feedback from more than 100 industry and project management professionals, AXELOS rolled out a major revision since 2009.

The feedback received unanimously pointed to the fact that the 2009 edition should be updated. AXELOS came up with PRINCE2 2017 in response to the advice of subject matter experts. While PRINCE2 methodology still focuses on tailoring to the project environment and hence it can still be adapted to projects of different sizes, complexities and sectors. The seven themes, principle and processes are still intact to provide Practitioners with the required competence to deliver projects in diverse environments. The new 2017 update laid emphasis on agility, flexibility, versatility and tailoring PRINCE2 today’s dynamic project environment.

Below are the main focuses of PRINCE2 2017 update:

  1. Meeting the requirements of organisations by tailoring PRINCE2 to their project environment
  2. Clarifying the linkages between the seven themes and the seven principles
  3. Streamlining the themes to include explicit examples of tailoring PRINCE2 to project environment
  4. The PRINCE2 fundamental principles as published in the updated guidance and the real-world application using examples, hints and tips.

As for the exams, there are several changes as stated below:

The Foundation Exam now focuses majorly on the core of PRINCE2, therefore elements which are not part of the core have been removed. Assessment criteria on tailoring are now included, it also focuses more on the seven principles and seven themes. The exam design has been improved on by reducing missing word and list type of questions. The number of questions has equally reduced to 60 from 75, with the removal of trial questions. All that is needed to pass the Foundation exam is 33 out of 60, which implies 55{a083ebe53d7f557149d3bde2fb874f28bc48fbddd77a59092d4f815c2dbfdfda} of the total mark.

The Practitioner exam now focuses on practical application of PRINCE2 in the project environment. Every part of the PRINCE2 framework will be tested with more questions on the principles and fewer questions on the management products. The exam design has also been improved on by reducing the amount of ‘additional information’ section, removing the assertion-reason and multiple response types of questions. The number of marks has been reduced from 80 to 68 out of which 38 marks is expected to earn a pass status (about 55{a083ebe53d7f557149d3bde2fb874f28bc48fbddd77a59092d4f815c2dbfdfda}).

The English version of the PRINCE2 2017 guidance was launched in May 2017 and this can be ordered on the AXELOS store at £85. As at January 1, 2018, the 2009 edition in English has been phased out. Hence, all candidates will be required to sit for the PRINCE2 2017 update. For more information about PRINCE2 2017, contact:

Written by Pete Omotosho

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